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Blake Shelton & Elliott Sadler Bond Over Music & Fast Cars


Blake Shelton photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

Blake Shelton and NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler became fast friends when they met at one of Blake’s shows in 2001. Blake and Elliott hit it off so well during that first meeting that Blake asked Elliot to make a cameo in his upcoming music video right then and there.

“I had a video coming out called “Ol’ Red,”” Blake said to “I asked Elliott that night –we already had hit it off – and I told him we were looking for some people to make cameo appearances in my “Ol’ Red” video. I asked him to play the part of my cousin. He came out and did it and we’ve been buddies ever since.”

As it turned out, Elliott wasn’t much of an actor – at least according to him. “I was pretty bad,” he said. “I wasted a lot of good film. Something that was supposed to take only two hours ended up taking over 10 because of how bad I was.”

Since Blake asked Elliott to be in his video, it only seems fair that he would let Blake drive one of his cars in return. While Elliott hasn’t let Blake behind the wheel, he was responsible for what Blake calls the scariest moment he has ever had in a motor vehicle. “The most scared I’ve ever been in a car or a truck was when I was deer hunting with Elliott in Virginia,” Blake said. “Thirty-five miles an hour is not that fast. But 35 mph backwards – on a dirt road – is really fast. And he scared the [expletive] out of me.”

Blake, in turn, provided Elliott with the scariest moment of his life, calling Elliott’s bluff in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000, Elliott tells If he weren’t a NASCAR driver, Elliott says he would be a country singer, so Blake gave him a chance to experience the spotlight.

“He’d heard me sing before on his bus, so he knew what he was doing – but he pulled me out on stage in front of all those people and said, ‘All right. Here’s your chance. What do you want to do?’” Elliott said. “He pretty much called my bluff. I tucked my tail between my legs and ran back over to the corner. That was probably the most humiliating, scariest time of my life.”

You can read more from Blake and Elliott’s chat with HERE. Blake will hit the road in early 2012 on his Well Lit & Amplified Tour with special guests Justin Moore and Dia Frampton. The tour kicks off January 12 in Toledo, Ohio.


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