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Edens Edge Remembers Meeting Reba

Edens Edge photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Edens Edge is spending the last part of this year opening for Reba on her All the Women I Am Tour. The trio first met the superstar at a party thrown by their record label following the CMA Awards. It was a crowded, loud room, but the impression Reba made on them is one they won’t forget.

“The rest of the room disappeared and she gave us so much love and attention, in her eyes you could just see she was so happy to shake our hands and she spent some good quality time with us,” Hannah Blaylock remembered.

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Reba also gave the young group some advice. “She said, ‘Always have fun and make the most of every moment cause it flies by before you know it in the blink of an eye,’” Hannah said. “She really sat there and wanted to have a conversation with us and wanted to get to know us and it was such an honor for her to do that and I was like, ‘Wow, I wanna be like that.’ It was so inspiring for me.”

Besides opening for Reba, Edens Edge has something else to celebrate. Hannah recently became engaged to her boyfriend, Justin, and shared a play by play of the beach proposal on the band’s website. As excited as Hannah is to be planning a wedding, she assured fans that her road duties are her top priority right now.


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