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The Band Perry: Democracy or Not?


The Band Perry photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

The Band Perry makes an effort to operate as a democracy, with each sibling getting a say before a final decision is made. Sometimes though, each of them admit to trying to get their own way. “We each get one vote except for on days when I try to barter for two,” Kimberly Perry said. “Actually I think Reid gets two votes sometimes,” Neil Perry added, a move Reid attributes to being the middle child.

Kimberly, Reid and Neil, ages 28, 23 and 21 respectively, are all vocal about their opinions. But while they may speak out, they also try to be respectful to one another. Kimberly gives credit to their parents for teaching them that art, even if those lessons sometimes had consequences.

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“Our parents always taught us, since we were like this tall, to be gracious to one another and so sometimes they encouraged us by grounding,” Kimberly said. “But regardless of how they got the point across, they did.”

When it comes to their music, that is one area the band almost always agrees on. “Musically, we generally agree on everything because we did grow up listening to the same kind of music,” Neil said. “Until we don’t,” Kimberly added.

The band’s latest agreement is over their single, “All Your Life.” The song has reached the Top 20 at country radio and is climbing the charts.

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