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2 men arrested for stealing political campaign signs while intoxicated

Two Rock Hill men were arrested Thursday night after police say they were stealing political campaign signs.

A Rock Hill police report says officers responded to the area of Dave Lyle Blvd and Chamberside Drive and found two men, 23-year-old Dwayne Robertson of Montford Street and 22-year-old Christopher Nastally of Hillcrest Avenue, who said they were stealing the signs to prove a political point.

The report says both men were intoxicated, were slurring their speech and were unable to speak without cursing. Both were arrested for petty larceny and public disorderly conduct.

Robertson, who police say was driving and had the campaign signs in the trunk of the compact car, was arrested for driving under suspension.

4 comments to 2 men arrested for stealing political campaign signs while intoxicated

  • Hannah Mac

    Ha, too bad both were NOT intoxicated, nor was Robertson’s license suspended. The cops said, “we’re arresting you ’cause you’re a smarta$$’. Cops are only arresting people cause it is the end of the year and are trying to fill their quota, not because they see wrongdoing. The men did not steal anything, as the signs were abandoned by the person who placed them there. They were simply cleaning up the cluttered roadside.

  • David Rogers

    This is bullshit, get the story right before write an article about it you motherfuckers. Dwayne doesnt have a truck, he has a car. He wasn’t drunk, he wasn’t even drinking. The cop said, and I quote, “I am arresting you for being a smartass” because dwayne asked what his right were and why he was being arrested.

  • Andrew Kiel

    Yes, you are correct in that the vehicle was a compact car. Change noted.

    Andrew Kiel

  • David Rogers

    You also need to change the fact that Mr. Roberstson and Mr. Nastally were stated to be intoxicated. No sobriety test was given to them, therefor they can’t be proven to have been intoxicated. I apologize for my use of harsh words but this is an infuriating situation for our friends and for them to have been wrongfully arrested and charged with bogus crimes.