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Brett Eldredge Goes Home For The Holidays

Brett Eldredge photo courtesy of WMG Nashville.

Brett Eldredge was able to cross one more item off his bucket list when he played Joe’s Bar in Chicago on December 8. A native of Paris, Illinois, a town about three hours south of Chicago, Brett has spent a lot of time both at Joe’s Bar and in the city around Christmas time.

“I used to love going downtown around the holidays and seeing all the lights,” Brett told Country Music Chicago. “My friends and I always said we wanted to go ice skating too… but as of yet, we haven’t. Maybe this time we will end up giving it a try.”

While Brett loves Chicago and touring the country playing his music, he looks forward to being able to return to Paris for the holidays. For him, the holidays are all about tradition and family – and maybe a little fishing.

“On Christmas Eve night, you will find me standing up in the same choir loft I have sung from since I was just a 12 year old boy,” he said. “My family fills off nearly half of the church. Afterwards, we head home to eat, drink and be merry. I also like to carve out some time to go ice fishing while I’m there. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting… a bunch of guys standing around looking into a hole in the ice, but for me, it’s a good time.”

While Brett is a family man and has serious side which he displayed on his debut single, “Raymond,” he also likes to have fun. Holidays can be stressful for people and he wants his fans to come to a show and have a good time.

“I can have a serious side, and I love my family… but there is another side of me that likes to have a whole lot of fun,” he said. “Every day, I get to wake up and play music, and I can’t wait to share that with the fans that come out to Joe’s. Especially during the holidays, people want to forget everything else that’s going on, and partake in a little holiday cheer.”

Brett has plans to release his debut album in early 2012.


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