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The JaneDear girls & Gloriana Recall Favorite Christmas Presents & Treats

the JaneDear girls photo courtesy of Warner Music Nashville.

With Christmas fast approaching, the JaneDear girls and Gloriana are sharing some of their favorite Christmas memories. When she was a child, Danelle LeVerett of the JaneDear girls received one of her first instruments. “My parents gave me a ukulele when I was four years old and I loved to carry it with me everywhere I went!” she recalled.

When Danelle’s bandmate Susie Brown was a little girl, she was all about horses. She spent hours reading books about them, watching horse-themed movies, and cutting out classified ads of horses for sale so her parents would know exactly what kind of horse she wanted.

“My oldest sister had a bunch of horses, and when I was about 13 she bought a little white Arabian mare named Misty,” Susie said. “We had a pasture at our house so I could ride her if my sister was there with her saddle. A few months later on Christmas morning I went out to the living room and saw an English riding saddle, hat, and riding pants. I was so excited I put on all my new riding clothes and saddled up our organ bench just so I could sit on it.”

Gloriana’s Tom Gossin also received his first musical instrument as a Christmas gift. “I’ll never forget the Christmas when I received my first guitar – I was 12,” he said. “I disappeared into a quiet room with the guitar and emerged about three hours later and played my first song for my family, “Jingle Bells.”  Little did I know, but that present would end up shaping the rest of my life!”

Tom’s bandmate and brother, Michael Gossin, was more into a gift most any boy would love. “My favorite Christmas present as a kid was He-Man action figures,” he said. Their bandmate, Rachel Reinert, received something far more domestic than guitars and action figures. “So typical, but I got an Easy Bake Oven as a little girl and I loved it!” she said. “I wonder if I still have it?”

It’s not just presents that give the JaneDear girls and Gloriana fond Christmas memories. They also love the food that comes along with the holidays. When Danelle takes time off from her busy schedule during the holidays, she gets into the kitchen with her mother.

“I love helping my mom make Christmas sugar cookies,” she said. “They are cut out into different shapes like Christmas trees, stars and hearts and decorated with green and red frosting and sprinkles!”

Michael is a fan of one of his mother’s desserts – but he and his brothers (Tom included!) have nicknamed them something a little less appetizing. So what’s his favorite Christmas treat? “Mom’s homemade brownies,” he said. “My brothers and I called them ‘reindeer-turds.’”

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