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Trace Adkins Prepares to Host the ACAs

Trace Adkins photo courtesy of Show Dog-Universal Music.

Trace Adkins is gearing up to host the American Country Awards for the second time and this go around, he’ll have Kristin Chenoweth along as co-host. Trace has never worked with Kristin, but he’s is aware that his height and Kristin’s lack thereof will make for an interesting combination while they’re onstage. Check Out Our Complete Coverage of the ACAs >>

“The thing that struck me first was, okay, this is going to be a contrast,” Trace said. “She’s a fairly petite lady. I’m not going to let her get away with that either. I’m going to have to bring that to her attention at some point, her shortcomings.”

If the ACA producers are planning anything special to make up for the pair’s height difference, Trace isn’t aware of it. “As far as I know they’re not making any special provisions,” he said. “Perhaps somebody might have to carry around an apple box for her everywhere, but I don’t know.”

When Trace agreed to host the inaugural ACAs last year which are broadcast live, he had never played the role of host and had some nerves to overcome. This year, he feels more prepared.

“It’s more a sense of really just looking forward to doing it again,” he says, “because I did have a lot of fun doing it.”

Trace has also been more hands on this year when it comes to writing the script for the show. He’s been working with show producers and writers and has injected more of himself into the creative process.

“I don’t know how funny it will be or how great it will come across, but I’m having fun trying to come up with some ideas and inject my own personality into this thing a little bit and just have some fun with it.”

The ACA Awards will air live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Monday, December 5 at 8/7 CT on FOX.


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