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Carrie Underwood Rescues Injured Dog

Carrie Underwood photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

Carrie Underwood is a known animal lover – her dog Ace was a part of her wedding party! While traveling back to Tennessee after spending Christmas in Oklahoma with her family, she saw two dogs injured on the side of the interstate. Carrie didn’t hesitate to pull over, with her own two dogs, Ace and Penny, already in the back of her SUV. Carrie shared the story with her fans via her fan club blog, reports

When Carrie approached the two dogs, one of them started wagging their tail. Sadly, the other had died. She lifted the living dog, which she described as “limping” and bloody,” into the car.

“My guess is that the dogs were thrown out of their car by their owners on the highway,” Carrie wrote. She took the dog, which she named Stella, to her emergency vet for treatment.

Carrie updated fans on Stella’s progress on New Year’s day, writing that Stella had been groomed, was getting house trained, recovering from road rash and having her teeth cleaned. Carrie was also aiding in the process of finding Stella a permanent home. “She follows me around from room to room,” Carrie wrote. “She’s the best Lab I’ve ever been around!”

Just a day later, Carrie shared another update on Stella’s progress. Carrie’s neighbors down the street adopted the dog and told Carrie she could visit. “I cried when she walked out the door,” Carrie shared. “[Husband Mike Fisher] told me not to be a crazy ex-girlfriend about it and stalk them. I can’t help it! She deserves the best life ever!”


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