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Watch Craig Campbell’s New Video: “When I Get It”

Craig Campbell photo courtesy of Bigger Picture Group.

When Craig Campbell was filming his latest video for the working class anthem “When I Get It,” he found life imitating art. Filmed at a private home in East Nashville, the crew found themselves without power during the shoot. It turned out the property’s owner had neglected to pay his electric bill which happens to be the basis of the song. The situation was corrected and a few hours later, they resumed filming.

Directed by Wes Edwards, the video is taken from one continuous shot without any editing. In the clip, Craig’s belongings are being repossessed by movers (played by his band members). “Rehearsing the complicated sequence of movers, camera, and Craig in order to do in one take was stressful, but paid off in the end,” Wes said. “We pulled it off in one take and I’m extremely proud of what we accomplished!”

Watch Craig’s “When I Get It” video! >>

“When I Get It,” a sort of tongue-and-cheek take on the financial hardship many working glass Americans are facing, is the third single from Craig’s recently released self-titled debut album.


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