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Watch Craig Morgan’s “This Ole Boy” Video

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan and actress Angie Harmon. Photo courtesy of Monarch Publicity.

In Craig Morgan’s latest video, “This Ole Boy,” he only has eyes for actress Angie Harmon, who plays his love interest — but he’s not the only one vying for the brunette’s attention. There’s a dog that just won’t let Craig make his move, even bringing Angie a bouquet of flowers in his mouth to win her over. By the end of the hilarious clip, Craig and the dog are best friends – thanks to a bottle of red wine. Does Craig gets the girl, too?

“He literally bit me right on the buttock and made me fall down,” Craig said of his canine co-star. “It was awesome. He was serious about me not getting close to her. Maybe it had something to do with her hotness.”

Watch Craig’s “This Ole Boy” video now! >>

The video wraps with a special message to fans considering adding a pet to their family. It was filmed in Arrington, Tennessee late last year and was directed by Kristin Barlowe. “This Ole Boy” is the lead single from Craig’s latest album, This Ole Boy, due out February 28.


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