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Businesses encouraged to ‘GO GREEN’

As the world attempts to adapt to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, more than just individual efforts are required, according to George Russell, representative of the York County Green Business Conference.

Russell appeared on Palmetto Mornings on WRHI to discuss the upcoming conference that will share tips on how businesses can integrate more eco-friendly practices into the business process, whether it’s manufacturing or just signing up for the city’s recycling program.

“There are businesses who do green construction or green cleaning… they are using products, or methods, and practicing techniques that overall are more green and more sustainable,” Russell said.

The 2nd Annual York County Green Business Conference will host several educational sessions that educate attendees on how to begin the ‘going green’ process.

“The conference is just another outlet for us to make everyone aware of all the good things that we are doing already and to educate others who may not be as familiar with the things that they can do on their own,” he said.

Sessions will cover a variety of topics, including landscape design, sustainable water usage and metal recycling.

The York County Green Business Conference will be held on March 1, 2012 at the Baxter Hood Center located at 452 South Anderson Road, Rock Hill, SC.

Organizations and residents are also encouraged to attend the conference.

Visit for registration details or listen to Russell’s interview on Palmetto Mornings here.





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