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Dierks Bentley Scrapped an Album Before Recording Home

Dierks Bentley photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Dierks Bentley’s new album, Home, hit store shelves February 7 and debuted  at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Charts this week. The album is made up of 12 songs, six written or co-written by Dierks and six by talented songwriters from around Nashville. He spent a year writing songs and searching through publishing catalogs to get just the right mix of tracks he was looking for.

“I wrote too many songs,” he told The Republic. “I wrote 70. I wrote a lot. There’s 64 that are never going to see the light of day. That’s 64 days that I can’t get back.”

About a year ago, Dierks and a group of musicians headed to Asheville, North Carolina to record the album that would serve as the follow up to his experimental Up On The Ridge project. He even set up a live web stream so fans could watch the recording process. He cut 15 tracks then hit the road, thinking his next studio album was done.

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Known for his high-energy shows, Dierks started incorporating some of the new tracks into his set list. He soon realized they weren’t what he was looking for and went to his label’s president and CEO, Mike Dungan, to ask for more time to work on the record. “I was like, ‘Sorry. Can we write that off as preproduction? I’ll pay for it,’” he said.

Dierks scrapped 14 of the 15 songs he cut for the album, keeping only “Am I The Only One” which went on to be Home’s lead single and a No. 1 hit. Dierks compared putting the record together to one of his favorite sports to explain what he was looking for. “To me it’s kind of like a hockey game,” he said. “We want to get that win. I’m not sure how we get it, but we want to walk off that stage feeling like, ‘Yeah!’”

With songs ranging from the uptempo “Am I The Only One,” to the patriotic hit “Home,” to the sentimental “Thinking Of You,” Dierks found the right combination for his new album. He is currently on the road playing his new songs as well as old favorites for fans on his Country and Cold Cans Tour. “Home” is nominated for an ACM Award for Song of the Year.


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