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Justin Moore Forgets Valentine’s Day

Justin Moore photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Justin Moore might be able to remember the words to his songs, but  he’s not all that great at remembering special dates, including that February 14 is Valentine’s Day. “I’m kinda notorious for being terrible at Valentine’s Day,” he said. “My wife, Kate, is all into that stuff and does a great job. And she deserves for me to be a little more romantic but I’m just not that good at being romantic.”

Remembering the day has gotten a little easier for Justin in the last couple years. His oldest daughter, Ella, was born on February 11. He has her birth date tattooed on his forearm and it helps remind him Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Remembering is only half the battle though. He also has to come up with something special for Kate.

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“It’s not for a lack of wanting to do good,” he said. “I pretty much just suck honestly. I need to get better at it.”

Justin is currently out on the road with Blake Shelton and will join the Country Throwdown Tour for select dates in May.


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