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North Carolina couple arrested attempting to steal $1,700 in Walmart merchandise

Rock Hill police have arrested a couple from North Carolina Thursday after police say they attempted to steal more than 17-hundred dollars worth of medicine from the Walmart in Newport.

A Rock Hill police report says officers were called to the store just after 9 Thursday night after a store employee saw the two stuffing merchandise in a bag. Police recovered more thousands of pills of Aleve, Mucinex, Arthritis medicine, Advil as well as a GPS, women’s shoes and a pair of headphones.

31-year-old Jason McGinnis of Gastonia and 30-year-old Tina Hayes of Dallas, North Carolina and they both face charges of first-degree shoplifting.

Among the items stolen (and recovered):

  • 5 boxes of 200ct Aleve
  • 8 boxes of 100ct Aleve
  • 4 boxes of 200ct Aleve
  • 10 boxes of 20ct Mucinex
  • 1 box of 28ct Mucinex
  • 12 boxes 40ct Mucinex
  • 3 boxes 60ct Mucinex
  • 1 box Equate headache medicine
  • 5 Monster “Beats by Dre” headphones.
  • 11 boxes of 22ct Aleve
  • 4 boxes 20ct Aleve
  • 7 boxes 300ct Advil
  • 3 boxes 100ct Aleve arthritis
  • 3 boxes 45ct Zyrtec
  • 1 pair, women’s shoes, black
  • 1 Garmin GPS

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