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Team Blake’s Gwen Sebastian Feels the Love on “The Voice”

Ed. note: You may have seen North Dakota native Gwen Sebastian during the blind auditions for The Voice, the talent show starring country superstar Blake Shelton. Gwen impressed the four coaches with her rendition of Sugarland‘s “Stay” — and she chose to be on Team Blake for the competition. We asked Gwen to keep a journal for us during her time on The Voice. Check back each Tuesday for updates from Gwen!

Gwen Sebastian

Gwen Sebastian photo courtesy of Susan Niles Public Relations.


On the day before Valentine’s Day, one where I was hoping for a good chick flick like The Notebook or Pretty Woman, I found myself watching…..The VOICE! That’s all I needed to see. The “love” was there. In James Massone’s, as Cee Lo said, “calm, smooth” voice. In Katrina Parker’s rendition of “One of Us.” In Jordis Unga’s dad’s dance after seeing his daughter wow the coaches. And in Erin Willett’s strong powerful voice, being cheered on by her parents. Blake made it clear to Erin that he wanted her on his team because, “I love to see people react to music like that.”

There was love in each performance, but what about between the coaches? Now for those of you who watched The Voice last year and have seen the first few episodes of season two, who could avoid noticing the tension between the coaches, and particularly last night, even between Blake and Adam, who obviously respect each other on and off that stage?

I believe that when we see Blake, Adam, Cee Lo and Christina fight for a chance to work with each performer, it’s not only competitiveness, but a love for finding new talent. That’s how I felt when I was up on that stage. They seemed very genuine in their words and made it very clear that they wanted to be there — that each coach was there to help us become better. Last night, Adam said, “We’ve all been rejected at some point, so don’t give up”. I believe Adam, Blake, Cee Lo and Christina see a bit of themselves in each of us. They see that we all share the same goals, the same dream and the same love. That love is…music.


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