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Team Blake’s Gwen Sebastian on the Final Night of “The Voice” Auditions

Ed. note: You may have seen North Dakota native Gwen Sebastian during the blind auditions for The Voice, the talent show starring country superstar Blake Shelton. Gwen impressed the four coaches with her rendition of Sugarland‘s “Stay” — and she chose to be on Team Blake for the competition. We asked Gwen to keep us updated during her time on The Voice. Check back each Tuesday for posts from Gwen!

Gwen Sebastian

Gwen Sebastian photo courtesy of Susan Niles Public Relations.

Q&A with Gwen Which audition do you think was the most unique on the final night of blind auditions?

Gwen: I think Whitney Myer’s rendition of Alicia Keys “No One” was original.  She made it her own solely by her unique voice and phrasing.

We would have down time during filming and one of my favorite things to do was to hang out with the other contestants and listen to them sing.  There were so many unique voices with everyone having his or her own style.  We all became really close in such a short period of time and genuinely were cheering each other on. Which audition was the most entertaining?

Gwen: The Shields Brothers brought the house down and as they said, “punched America in the face”!  Their voices made Cee Lo’s chair turn, and the audience fans of their rock and roll style!  I got to hang out with them a bit and what you saw on television, is exactly how they are.  Silly AND talented all at the same time! Who stole the show last night?

Gwen: Betty White.  She may be the coolest woman in the world.  I want to be just like her when I’m her age and even now.  So happy the Lorax turned his chair for her! What was your favorite quote of the night?

Gwen: I became a fan of Adley Stump the first time I met her and of course, when she opened her mouth to sing, I loved her even more.  Then….while watching her blind audition, I realized where she got her personality.  From her mom!  Adley’s mom said to Carson, “I hope I don’t have to turn someone’s chair around”, as a friendly threat.  Loved that!  Then, she proceeded to jump into Carson’s arms after Blake and Christina turned their chairs.  I think Carson almost fell over!

I have a second favorite quote.  When Blake said to Christina (referring to Adley), “How about learning to sing with honesty”…that’s my kind of music…that’s…Team Blake!  Now that the blind auditions are over, how do you feel about your team?

Gwen: I may be a bit biased, but I think Team Blake is really strong.  Blake didn’t just choose just one genre of singers.  We are an eclectic little group and each of us have our own strengths.  I said before, that we all became close and are like a family, so it’s very hard to think that six of us are going to have to go.  It’s sad but at the same time, I know that we all have been given this amazing opportunity to share our music.  We’ve been keeping up with each other too, whether it be through texts, tweets or phone calls.  We’ve made life long friendships and I know we can’t wait to root each other on!

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