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Women are at higher risk for heart problems, dancing is recommended

Eating healthy, refraining from smoking and exercising regularly are some of the habits Dr. David Savage from Piedmont Medical Center says can help lower the risk of heart trouble in women by up to 82 percent.

“More women die of heart disease and heart related troubles than of any other cancer, or any other cause, combined,” Savage said

Savage is currently the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Piedmont Medical Center. He appeared on Palmetto Mornings on WRHI and explained how self-diagnosing common pains can create greater problems in the heart.

According to Savage, consistent examinations are important because there are a variety of non-specific signs that can be caused by heart trouble. Chest pains are not the only symptoms.

“The nerves to the heart cover every part of the body from the jaw to the gall bladder. So, you can have symptoms, that are maybe a little indigestion, a little bloating, which can really be originating from the heart,” Savage said.

Though websites that offer advice are becoming popular in today’s web-driven society, Savage discourages the use of them.

“If somebody is surfing the website trying to figure out if their non-specific symptoms is the heart, get checked out,” he said.

The behaviors recommended to lower chances of heat problems may seem intense, but there are fun and innovative ways to take care of the body.

To help the community, Piedmont Medical Center will have a ‘Day of Dance’ on Saturday, February 25, 2011 in the Richardson Ballroom located inside The DiGiorgio Student Center at Winthrop University.

The event will feature different styles of dance, including salsa, tango and shag. In addition, qualified personnel will provide health screenings and advice.

For more information on Piedmont Medical Center’s ‘Day of Dance’ click here.


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