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Rock Hill NAACP standing behind efforts to shrink ‘Castle Doctrine’

South Carolina lawmakers could repeal a 2006 law similar to Florida’s Stand Your Ground law in light of the shooting of an unarmed teen. South Carolina Representative Bakari Sellers has filed a bill to undo the state’s expansion of the so-called Castle Doctrine.

Columbia Free TimesIn 2006, South Carolina lawmakers did away with a person’s duty to retreat if he or she is attacked where they have a right to be. It also exempted from prosecution those who used deadly force because they reasonably believed it was necessary to prevent death or serious injury.

Monday afternoon, Rock Hill NAACP Chapter President Melvin Poole released a statement saying the branch took a, “unanimous vote in favor of contacting each member of the York County delegation to encourage them to support the effort” initiated by Rep. Sellers.

Poole said the branch voted Sunday to support the protest activities acorss the state and country following the shooting death of Trayvon Martin of Sanford, Fla., by a neighborhood watchman. The watchman told authorities he shot Zimmerman in self-defense and Zimmerman has not been charged in the incident.

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