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The Voice‘s Gwen Sebastian Has a New Gig

Ed. note: You may have seen North Dakota native Gwen Sebastian during the blind auditions for The Voice, the talent show starring country superstar Blake Shelton. Gwen impressed the four coaches with her rendition of Sugarland‘s “Stay” — and she chose to be on Team Blake for the competition. We asked Gwen to keep us updated during her time on The Voice. Last night, sadly, Gwen lost the battle round with fellow Team Blake member Erin Willett. But all is definitely not lost, as you’ll read below! Here’s our final post from Gwen:

Gwen Sebastian photo courtesy of Susan Niles Public Relations.

Q&A with Gwen Did you have any strategy when going into the battle round?

Gwen: Not really. I knew that I just wanted to go into it as if it weren’t a battle, but rather, as a performance. Both Erin and I had the mentality that we wanted to give our best and sort of saw it as a duet instead of a battle. Were you surprised that Blake picked Erin?

Gwen: While I wished I was the one he picked, I am very happy for Erin. Especially with what she was going through. Not only is she a talented and strong singer, she’s an incredibly strong person. I’m very proud to have shared the stage with her and I think she sang her butt off. What was it like working with your mentor, Miranda Lambert?

Gwen: Oh my gosh! When I walked in and saw her, I was really excited. I truly look up to her as an artist, and now that I have gotten to know her, as a person. She’s been able to be commercially successful while still maintaining her artistic integrity. That is something that is difficult in this industry, but something I strive for. She gave me some great advice that I will definitely take and use along the way. Now that your stint on the show is over, what are your plans?

Gwen: Well, the best news is that I am now singing with Blake on his Well Lit & Amplified Tour! It’s amazing the opportunities that have come from my experience on The Voice, and this one tops it. After the battle round, I was completely surprised and honored to have Blake ask me to come sing backup for him. I also can’t wait to get out on the road again with my band and continue touring. My tour is being planned now and can be seen at GWENSEBASTIAN.COM very soon! I am also looking forward to bringing new music to country radio. No matter what happens, music will always be a part of my life. I would like to start a family in the future, but for now, I’ll be heading down the highway to a city near you!


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