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Edens Edge Uses Twitter to Build Relationships

Edens Edge photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Edens Edge knows Twitter can be a great tool to promote their music, but they also love to use the social media outlet as a way to connect with their fans and create ongoing relationships with them. They’ll often see fans tweet about coming to one of their upcoming shows and will make a special effort to say hi to them after their performance.

“Whenever we see them we’re like, ‘oh!’” Hannah Blaylock said. “We get to put a face to the Twitter name, so that’s really cool cause you get to connect with them on more than one level.”

The relationship doesn’t stop with a meet and greet for the group. They build on their initial meeting with fans as they see them in line at future shows. “After you meet people at the show you can say, ‘Yeah, I totally remember you, thank you so much for being our friend,’” Hannah said. “And you get to continue that relationship where there’s never really been an opportunity for musicians to do that before. So it’s priceless.”

Edens Edge released their new single, “Too Good to Be True,” to radio this month. Watch the video for their debut single, “Amen,” HERE.


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