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Eli Young Band Exercises Their Right to Vote

Eli Young Band photo courtesy of HBPR.

When your band is made up of four guys, you’re going to have some disagreements. For Eli Young Band, the best way to handle their business is democratically. “With us, everything we do, from picking songs to deciding on whether or not we’re gonna play a specific bar or venue, or any decision, we pretty much are a democracy and all four votes are in,” Mike Eli said.

The votes aren’t always unanimous. “Anytime it’s three to one we all just gang up on the other guy,” Mike joked. Jon Jones revealed the band even votes on what to eat for dinner, but says that over the years, their four different tastes have started to converge.

“The longer we’ve been together it seems like the more in line all of our tastes are getting, not only food-wise but music-wise and so it’s never really big arguments,” Jon said. “And if one person’s really, really passionate about a certain song, we’re pretty good about listening to each other and trying to understand why that person really, really believes in something.”

There was no need for ganging up on the odd man out when it came time to decide on whether or not to record their latest single, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart.” After the band heard Will Hoge’s version, it was a unanimous decision. The song is currently in the Top 20 at country radio.


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