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Judge delays ruling on Catawbas’ gambling suit

A judge Monday in Columbia said he needs more time to pour through the hundreds of pages of documents filed on behalf of the Catawba Indian Nation seeking a temporary injunction allowing the tribe to operate a gambling casino on the York County reservation.

State Senator Wes Hayes said Monday afternoon that the Catawbas’ suit does not comply with the settlement agreed to years ago — and that the tribe is presenting a baseless argument.

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Wes Hayes, who’s been an ardent opponent of the plan, says any gambling hall or casino is in violation of a 1993 settlement agreement between the Catawbas and the State of South Carolina. The agreement only allows for the operation of to bingo halls — and no gambling.

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The Catawbas’ bingo hall once stood at the former Rock Hill Mall on Cherry Road, and closed down in 2006 after the tribe said they were continually losing money after the introduction of the state lottery.

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