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Waylon Jennings’ Final Recordings to be Released in September

Waylon Jennings

Ten years after his death, the final recordings of Waylon Jennings will be released with his family’s blessing on September 11. Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings will include 12 tracks recorded by Waylon and longtime accompanist Robby Turner before Waylon’s death in 2002. The pair laid down the tracks with just Waylon’s guitar and vocals and Robby’s bass. They planned out the future instrumentation for each track, but Waylon passed before the project could be completed.

All 12 tracks on the album, to be released on Saguaro Road Records, were chosen by Waylon and reflect his state of mind, passion and statements he wanted to make. Bringing in musicians who worked with Waylon like Reggie Young, Richie Albright and Tony Joe White, Robby returned to the studio to finish the album. “Waylon knows he’s surrounded by friends and all that hear this will feel as if they know Waylon in all his authenticity,” his widow, Jessi Colter, said.

“I remember when Waylon was revolutionizing country music and when we heard about these recordings, I knew we had to have them,” Mike Jason, Saguaro Road Records’ Senior Vice President, said. “To me, this is classic Waylon music every bit as good as his ‘70s classics but his singing bears a vulnerable and deeply personal touch. Waylon still has many fans, but with these recordings I’m confident that we’ll introduce him to a new generation in the same way that Johnny Cash’s last recordings found him an entirely new audience.”

Waylon wrote 11 of the 12 songs appearing on the new album, a testament to how personal the project was to Waylon and is to his family. The album also includes Tony Joe White’s “Goin’ Down Rockin.’”

Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings Track listing:

1.     Goin’ Down Rockin’
2.     Belle of The Ball
3.     If My Harley Was Runnin’
4.     I Do Believe
5.     Friends In California
6.      The Ways of the World
7.     Shakin’ The Blues
8.     Never Say Die
9.     Wasting Time
10.  Sad Songs & Waltzes
11.   She Was No Good For Me
12.   Wrong Road To Nashville


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