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Local GOP Chair: Fix the ethics filing issue, and fix it now

State Senators head back to work today in what is now day four of a battle to get 183 first-time candidates for local and state office back on the June 12 primary ballot.

Glenn McCall

Six of those candidates are out of York County, and all of them were dropped after the State Supreme Court ruled they incorrectly filed ethics paperwork when running for office.

Senators tried Tuesday to fix the issue, an attempt that was blocked by longtime Lexington Senator Jake Knotts — whose own opposition was dropped from the ballot.

Knotts said fellow senators were not serious about making changes.

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York County GOP Chair Glenn McCall says it was Knotts himself who was stalling the issue by trying to push big changes that Knotts knew wouldn’t be able to be fixed in time.

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Instead, McCall says the courts may be an alternate route.

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And to take that one step further, McCall says that fix needs to addressed by the full legislature — after the June 12th primaries.

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Federal Judge Cameron Currie has agreed to hear the case in Columbia Thursday.

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