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Mulvaney: Federal budget deficit stems from ‘willful ignorance’ in Congress

U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney (R-S.C.) says there’s what he calls a willful ignorance in the nation’s capitol when it comes to the federal budget deficit.

Mulvaney said on Friday’s edition of Straight Talk that lawmakers who have been in Washington for 30 years have heard that deficits are the end of the world.

He says so far, nothing of the kind has happened.

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Mulvaney says their hearts are in getting re-elected. He says it’s easier to get re-elected to Congress by borrowing more money than it is to cut government spending.

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Mulvaney says it’s easier to borrow money because grandchildren who aren’t old enough to vote will be paying for future deficits.

He says in 2006 then-Vice President Dick Cheney even said deficits are fine.

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