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What’s on Edens Edge’s Bucket List?

Edens Edge photo courtesy of Big Machine Records.

Edens Edge spends a lot of time traveling around the country, but band member Dean Berner says one of the things on his personal bucket list is to travel even more. “I want to see a lot more of the world,” he said. “Music is amazing, because already we’ve gotten to see so much of our country here.”

Dean enjoys going to different cities and seeing how each place has its own unique flavor. While he loves traveling around the United States, he hopes to do some international traveling as well. He also wants to go skydiving, which is news to his band mates. “I never knew that about you Dean,” Hannah Blaylock said. “Learn something new every day.”

Edens Edge will spend plenty of time traveling this summer when they join Rascal Flatts on their Changed Tour, which kicks off June 15. They will release their self-titled debut album containing their debut hit, “Amen” and their current single, “Too Good to Be True,” on June 12.


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