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Dierks Bentley’s Father Passes

Dierks Bentley

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GAC extends condolences to Dierks Bentley and his family. Dierks’ father, Leon Bentley, died Friday, June 1 at age 88. Dierks made the announcement via his Twitter page today:

“my dad died yesterday. it was an honor to comfort him as he left us. thank you fans for the time and understanding.”

Just before the recent Memorial Day holiday, Dierks reflected on his father’s military service. “My dad was a second lieutenant in the army,” he said. “It’s amazing, he served in World War II, he was in Japan, and he doesn’t tell me too many stories about it, but I know for him, he really enjoyed his time in the army. It was a chance to get a chance to go overseas and see some of the world.

“What a feeling that must be that I will never know, to put on that uniform, American flag patch on your shoulder, and you’re out there literally fighting for the flag, fighting with your brothers next to you and for everyone back home,” Dierks continued. “We can never really honestly have a sense of how that feels, but certainly we can honor them.”


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