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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On June 15, 2012 @ 11:09 AM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

Country music stars sure love Twitter! This week, Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys [2] gets retro, Carrie Underwood [3]promises a win at next year’s City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge [4] while David Nail [5]updates fans on his broken finger [6]from this year’s softball game, Blake Shelton [7]returns to The Voice and Lee Brice [8] has a photo shoot on John Rich’s [9] roof. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [10].

Joe Bonsall

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/joebonsall.

Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys – JoeBonsall [11]: This guy could run 3 miles, play 5 sets of tennis and Then sing Dancing’ The Night Away… I miss him sometimes

Carrie Underwood – CarrieUnderwood: [12] This year, we tie. Next year…We win!

David Nail – DavidNail [13]: Thanks for the concern, this is a lesson to not play like you’re 18 when you’re 33! Fingers crossed for no nerve damage, kinda need finger!

Daryle Singletary & Ashton Sheperd

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/Darylesings.

Daryle SingletaryDarylesing [14]: Me and Ashton Shepherd [15] diggin some ribs!

Blake Shelton – BlakeShelton: [16] So.. I’m back in LA. Christina, Cee Lo, Adam and yours truly officially begin season 3 of The Voice today. Let the best coach win!.. Again!!

John Rich – JohnRich: [17] Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure @leebrice [18] is on my roof taking pics!?!? Lee! U up there cuzin?

Lee Brice [19]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/leebrice.

Lee Brice – LeeBrice: [20] @johnrich [21] John, buddy.. I think you may have the best roof in Nashville! Damn son!

Miranda Lambert [22]Miranda_Lambert: [23] Well….it’s rainin. Can’t lay out. I guess I’ll paint something pink. That will make the day brighter!

Taylor Swift [24]TaylorSwift13 [25]: It’s been a wonderful week in the studio. I’m so excited about so much.

Mark Wills [26]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/MarkWillsmusic.

Mark Wills [27]MarkWillsMusic [28]: Me with Sue Ellen Ewing (Linda Gray) a blast from my childhood!!

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