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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On June 29, 2012 @ 4:33 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

Country music stars sure love Twitter! This week, Carrie Underwood [2]  is puckering up on her trip Down Under, NASCAR driver Danica Patrick tweets from the set of Miranda Lambert’s [3] video, Kip Moore [4] finds himself in a tight spot, Dierks Bentley [5] is on a pontoon and Hunter Hayes [6] celebrates a great week. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [7].

Carrie Underwood [8]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/carrieunderwood.

Carrie Underwood – CarrieUnderwood [9]: A kangaroo kiss!

Sara Evans [10]SaraEvansMusic [11]: I just heard on the news that I’m pregnant! News to me! Haha! I’m not- it’s a rumor. :( Xoxo

Taylor Swift – TaylorSwift13 [12]: Went to get coffee today-opened my change purse. Sea shells fell out. Barista goes “Sorry, we only take cash or credit.” So there’s that.

Miranda Lambert & Danica Patrick [13]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/DanicaPatrick.

Danica Patrick – DanicaPatrick [14]: Hey there hot stuff… You look like “the fastest girl in town”!

Martina McBride [15] – MartinaMcBride: Last night I dreamed I was talking to Oprah on my tour bus and then I got news that I had won a Grammy!!! Now THAT’S quite a dream!

Hunter Hayes – HunterHayes [16]: I’m in awe. Stunned. First “WANTED” goes top 20 then it’s officially GOLD… In The Same week!!! You guys are seriously the best ever!!!!!!!

Kip Moore [17]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/kipmoore.

Kip Moore – KipMooreMusic [18]: Buddies car is little cramped… I’m making him trade this go-cart in after today…

Scotty McCreery [19]ScottyMcCreery: [20] Big thanks to @TheTimMcGraw [21] for having me out and letting me sing I Like it, I Love it on that stage w/ you! It was awesome. You’re the man!

Whitney Duncan [22]WhitneyDuncan [23]: It’s 102 degrees outside & I just saw an older man running down the street. See…older doesn’t always=wiser.

Dierks Bentley [24]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/DierksBentley.

Dierks Bentley – DierksBentley [25]: yo @LBTmusic [26] we’re listenin to “pontoon” out on percy priest lake on the actual pontoon boat y’all used in the video!

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