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Top 10 Country Hunks

Posted By Sarah Wyland On July 3, 2012 @ 6:56 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

We asked you to pick the Top 10 Country Hunks and boy did you come through! Suzanne Alexander [1] counted down this fan-voted list of country’s hottest guys on GAC’s Top 10 Country Hunks [2]. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Whom did you pick as the hottest of them all? Keep reading to find out!

Check out our Top Country Hunks Photo Gallery » [3]


Jason Aldean photo by James Minchin III, courtesy of Broken Bow Records.

No. 10 – Jason Aldean [5]

Jason looks every bit of the tough country boy he is, but under that cowboy hat is a pair of blue-green eyes that will make any girl soon. And that’s ‘the truth.’


Scotty McCreery photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

No. 9 – Scotty McCreery [7]

Scotty is the youngest hunk to make our countdown. A recent high school graduate, he’s headed to North Carolina State University this fall. Between his music and good looks, we doubt Scotty will have any trouble with girls.


John Turner photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

No. 8 – Josh Turner [9]

All Josh has to do is sing the opening lines of “Your Man” to prove why he came in at No. 8 on our Top Country Hunks list. With his signature baritone voice and romantic lyrics, we think Josh’s wife Jennifer is one lucky lady to be able to call him her man.


George Strait photo courtesy of UMG Nashville.

No. 7 – George Strait [11]

George turned 60 years old this year and is one of two grandfathers on the list, but this country legend still makes us swoon. It ‘just comes natural’ to the good-natured Texan.


Tim McGraw photo courtesy of The GreenRoom.

No. 6 – Tim McGraw [13]

We like it, we love it, we want some more of it. Tim looks especially good these days, showing off his toned up muscles in a white t-shirt night after night on the Brothers of the Sun Tour [14] with  Kenny Chesney [15].


Keith Urban photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

No. 5 – Keith Urban [17]

Keith isn’t just a hunk – he’s a hunk from Down Under! His Australian accent makes women everywhere swoon. As if his handsome looks and guitar skills didn’t do that already.


Trace Adkins photo courtesy of Show Dog-Universal Music.

No. 4 – Trace Adkins [19]

Tall and handsome, Trace is the reason ladies love country boys. Under that tough exterior is a big softie who loves his wife and daughters – which makes him even more attractive!


Luke Bryan photo courtesy of Capitol Records Nashville.

No. 3 - Luke Bryan [21]

If Luke’s big smile and good looks aren’t enough to turn your head, wait until you see his dance moves! Luke has charmed women everywhere with his boyish charm and willingness to ‘shake it’ while onstage.


Chris Young photo by Randee St. Nicholas, courtesy of Sony Music Nashville.

No. 2 - Chris Young [23]

Voted Country Weekly’s Hottest Bachelor [24] twice in the last three years, Chris gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘little black dress’ with his “Getting’ You Home” song. Besides being easy on the eyes, Chris is also a really nice guy.


Blake Shelton photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Nashville.

No. 1 – Blake Shelton [26]

He’s tall, handsome and hilarious and you voted him the No. 1 Country Hunk! We’re just hoping he’ll notice us and give us a Twitter shout out!

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