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Craig Campbell Can’t Forget His New Single

Craig Campbell photo courtesy of Bigger Picture Group.

Craig Campbell has released the first single from his upcoming album, called “Outta My Head.” Choosing a track to lead off his sophomore project was a big task, but Craig faced it head on and came out with what he feels is the right one.

“The first time I heard this song I knew it was a big ole hit,” he said. “I listened to it once and I was singing the lyrics ‘YEAH! YEAH!’ all day long.  It’s so true! Everyone has that someone they can’t forget.”

“Outta My Head” is an up-tempo track about the struggle of lost love. Produced by Keith Stegall and Matt Rovey, the song was written by Brandon Kinney, Michael Carter, and Cole Swindell. The song will officially be released to radio on September 17.


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