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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On August 31, 2012 @ 1:37 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled


Country music stars sure love Twitter! This week, Terri Clark [2] and Hillary Scott [3] share scenes from the studio, Miranda Lambert [4] finds Keith Urban [5] covering one of her songs, Charles Kelley [3] and Joe Nichols [6] give their thoughts on reality TV and Jake Owen [7] and his twin brother Jarrod celebrate their birthday. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [8]

Reba McEntire & Terri Clark [9]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/TerriClarkMusic.

Terri Clark – TerriClarkMusic [10]: One hour ago in Nashville ….. One of the best moments of my career so far.

Miranda Lambert – Miranda_Lambert [11]: Um yes this is Keith Urban doing our song @guitarleena [12]! http://bit.ly/PCwQnL [13] [Watch Keith Urban cover "Fastest Girl In Town!"]

Martina McBride [14]MartinaMcBride [15]: Emotional powerful morning. So honored to be with @RobinRoberts [16] today. Such a strong woman.We’re gonna love you though it Robin. #TeamRobin [17]

Hillary Scott's dog Baker [18]

Photo courtesy of Twiter.com/hillaryscottla.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum [3]HillaryScottLA [19]: Our good luck charm for Day 1 of recording album 4! #baker [20]

Check out more photos of Country Stars & Their Pets >> [21]

Sunny Sweeney [22]GettingSweenered [23]: I am having to play the game “ATM” at this here casino. Ugh.

John Rich [24]JohnRich: [25] Heading to Alaska…never been there. I’m trying to get @BigKennyTV [26] to run thru the woods so I can claim a sasquatch sighting.

Narvel Blackstock & Reba McEntire [27]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/reba.

Reba [28]Reba: [29] Narvel and I have a new hobby now!!! Fly fishing!!! And we love Blackberry Farms in TN!!!

Lady Antebellum – LadyAntebellum [30]: you know it’s a messed up world when I think I’d be more starstruck if I met Honey Boo Boo than the queen of England #realitytvobsessed [31] -ck

Joe Nichols – JoeNichols [32]: No Jersey Shore after 2012… As the Mayans predicted.

Jake Owen & brother Jarrod [33]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/jakeowen.

Jake Owen – JakeOwen: [34] Got my bro a new hat for our bday. We had the same hats for Tball 20 years ago.

[35] [35] [35] ShareThis [35]

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