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Thomas Rhett Gets Married–& Some Surprising Reactions to “Beer With Jesus”

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett photo courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

Congratulations to Thomas Rhett, who recently married longtime girlfriend Lauren Gregory! The newlyweds had just enough time to escape on a honeymoon before Thomas hits the road on Chris Young’s Liquid Neon Tour.

Thomas’ new single, “Beer with Jesus,” is about going to bar to sit and talk with Jesus over a couple of beers. The song is bringing about interesting reactions from fans.

“Every time I play that song live, a lot of people will cry,” Thomas said. “I’ve had a preacher come up to me saying, ‘Man, I would love to get you up to Wisconsin and sing that song at our church service.’”

The preacher’s request is one Thomas never expected to receive. He co-wrote the song and while he was raised with strict beliefs, his time in college molded those beliefs into what he sings about.

“When I got to college some of my beliefs kind of changed and that’s just a song that I personally believe that how Jesus would have been if he were here,” he said. “That song means so much to me and to my family.”


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