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Ty England Ties the Knot

Ty England & his wife Justina

Ty and Justina England photo courtesy of Kaleidoscope Media.

Ty England, best known for his hit “Should’ve Asked Her Faster,” recently married Justina Cardoza in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The couple met several years ago in Boise, Idaho after Ty’s performance at the Buffalo Club. Justina first crossed paths with Ty during a meet and greet after the show.

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“I can’t explain it, but I knew during that first conversation that Justina and I would become good friends,” Ty said.  “Sure, she was beautiful, but it was far more than that. There was an instant mental connection, and I knew I wanted to know more about her.”

Ty asked for her business card and soon emailed her. They became fast friends, sharing stories about their lives and families and learning they had a lot in common. E-mails led to phone calls and slowly, they fell in love. Their long distance relationship – Ty raised his four children from a previous marriage in Oklahoma City while Justina worked as a realtor in Boise – deepened and finally, Ty popped the question.

“Justina is the love of my life,” Ty said. “It was a revelation to have a relationship start as nothing more than a friendship but then turn into a love affair. I am blessed to be married to a woman who loves me, loves my children, and supports my dreams. I hope everyone will have the good fortune to find the ‘Justina’ in their lives. But back off, boys…this one’s mine!”

After spending their honeymoon in Playa Del Carmen, the couple have returned to Oklahoma City. Between parental duties and introducing Justina to Oklahoma, Ty continues performing concerts across the country. He’ll begin work in his next album in 2013.


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