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Taylor Swift Sees Herself & Friends in “Begin Again”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of Big Machine Label Group.

Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Begin Again,” is about being brave enough to fall in love again after being hurt. But Taylor, who wrote the track, says the song is more than that. She sees herself  and her friends reflected in the lyrics.

“It’s also a song about figuring out who you are again after you were in a relationship where you lost yourself,” Taylor said. “I think that’s something I’ve gone through, and my friends have gone through where you’re in a relationship where you all of a sudden start changing for this other person. You don’t realize it’s happening until you get out of it and you say, ‘Wait. But who am I without him? Like, who was I before?’

Taylor says the key, for her at least, is getting back to her true self after a breakup. “It’s difficult to find that again, but once you do, that’s when you start moving on,” she said.

Watch Taylor’s Parisian “Begin Again” video HERE.


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