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Tim McGraw Hopes to Put Listeners in His Songs

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw photo by Nigel Parry, courtesy of The Green Room.

Tim McGraw is gearing up to release his new album, Two Lanes of Freedom, on February 5. One of the things he enjoyed most about the recording process for the project was choosing songs that allow the listener to hear their own story in the lyrics.

“They create a way for you to impose yourself on them,” Tim said. “That’s the great thing about music or art being cathartic and art being a way to purge. That’s what these songs do. You impose yourself and your memories.”

According to Tim, music is similar to how people go to movies and see themselves in one of the characters. “That’s what these songs all do,” he said. “They’re written in a way, and we record them and try to sing them and move ‘em in a way that people can do that when they listen to these songs – that they can put themselves in that place.”

In addition to releasing Two Lanes of Freedom, Tim will kick off his Two Lanes of Freedom Tour in Birmingham, Alabama on May 2.


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