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Country Stars Share Their “1994? Photos in Support of Jason Aldean’s New Single

Posted By Sarah Wyland On February 21, 2013 @ 12:57 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled

Jason Aldean [1]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/Jason_Aldean.

Jason Aldean’s [2]new single, “1994,” is a fun, nostalgic look back at the year Jason was a senior in high school, Joe Diffie [3] had a mullet, Justin Bieber was born, the OJ Simpson trial was headline news and a gallon of gas was $1.09. To celebrate the release of “1994,” Jason took to Twitter [4] to ask fans to submit their photos from 1994. It didn’t take him long to bring his country star friends on board.

Luke Bryan [5] was one of Jason’s first targets. Jason tweeted a school photo of himself from 1994 and asked Luke an important question. “Hey @LukeBryanOnline [6] were ur jeans as tight in #1994 as they are now? I gotta see a pic! Here’s mine. I had a pager!”

Luke Bryan [7]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/LukeBryanOnline

In the name of friendship, Luke replied with an answer – and photographic evidence that he too used to wear a cowboy hat! “buddy, I’d say they aren’t as tight but they are just as cool. #1994,” he wrote.  [8]

Jason also reached out to Keith Urban [9] – to thank him for his support and ask for his throwback photo. “Hey @KeithUrban [10] thanks for all the love on the new song. You’ve always had style. Show us your #1994 look!”

Keith Urban [11]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/KeithUrban

Keith was kind enough to reply – with a photo. “I was rockin the oversize thrift store jacket in #1994!!!!!” he tweeted. [12]

Jason revealed some dirt on Dierks Bentley [13] to get him to offer up a photo of his 1994 look. “I heard @DierksBentley [14] was a big Billy Idol fan around #1994 and he had the look to match! I know the ladies would love to see that, DB!” Jason wrote.

Dierks Bentley [15]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/DierksBentley.

Dierks came through with a photo circa 1994. “bedroom posters pics…embarrassing! ill dig around for the ones of spiked hair and parachute pants.” he tweeted. [16]

Jason also wanted to see what Lady Antebellum [17] was up to back then. “Hey @ladyantebellum [18] I want to see what y’all looked like back in #1994. I know @HillaryScottLA [19] was the cutest though…no contest!” he wrote.

Hillary Scott [20]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/HillaryScottLA.

While he’s still waiting to hear from Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott was an adorable little girl in 1994. “Here’s the pic @Jason_Aldean [21] posted of me in #1994!!! =) LOVE the new song! #JOEDIFFIE [22]” she tweeted. [23]

It didn’t take long before Jason was flooded with photos from fans, media outlets and fellow artists circa 1994. Carrie Underwood [24] took a liking to Keith Urban’s 1994 photo, retweeting the image of Keith and his oversized thrift store jacket saying “This is awesome!” While Carrie didn’t have a photo to offer up on hand, she promised Jason via Twitter [25] she’d look for one.

While mullets and questionable fashion statements were the theme of many of Jason’s country star friends in their throwback photos, newcomer RaeLynn may have made the biggest statement with her photo.


Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/RaeLynnOfficial

“Here I am in #1994 @Jason_Aldean [21]!” she tweeted [26].

“1994” is at radio now. The song, co-written by Thomas Rhett [27], Luke Laird and Barry Dean, is featured on Jason’s latest album, Night Train. Jason says he nearly fell out of his chair laughing the first time he heard the song and knew he had to record it.

“I love that this song gets such a reaction from people,” Jason said. “Country music in the mid-’90s was a big influence on my career, and I played all the songs that are referenced in ’94 back in my club days. Joe Diffie [3] was rocking a sick mullet, and he was hotter than ever…just putting out monster hit after monster hit. It totally takes me back to those days, and it makes me smile every time I hear it.”

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