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Sheriff puts sweepstakes-type gaming operators on notice

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile is putting businesses operating sweepstakes-type gaming machines in Lancaster County on notice.

In a statement Monday, Faile said he’s giving two weeks notice before deputies and state investigators plan to remove the gaming machines and seek criminal and civil penalties.

“It is a crime to gamble or possess gaming machines in South Carolina,” Faile said. “I’m giving a two-week notice as of today to anyone in Lancaster County who has these machines, whether stand-alone machines or networked systems, to remove them from your premises or face the risk of criminal and civil prosecution.”

Faile said his office will coordinate efforts with state authorities.

“We will be working closely with the State Law Enforcement Division and the South Carolina Attorney General’s office to locate these machines, seize them,  seek their destruction, and to charge anyone possessing or operating these gaming machines,” he said. “There are numerous rulings in support of the law which are clear.”

Faile said Section 12-21-2710 of the S.C. Code of Laws outlines the types of machines and devices prohibited by law.

“The law is clear and there are no loopholes,” Faile said. “There have been over 1,200 of these machines seized around the state. If we find any in Lancaster County, they will be taken and those numbers will be added to the statewide total.”

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