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The Band Perry: How to Keep the Peace

The Band Perry

The Band Perry photo courtesy of Republic Nashville.

Siblings tend to argue and when they spend as much time together as The Band Perry does, it could be very easy to get on one another’s nerves. The trio have figured out how to push each other’s buttons when they want to but more importantly, they’ve also learned out how to keep the peace – as long as one of them keeps their head about them.

“We have figured out, keeping one of us in good head and heart space is keeping all three of us there,” Kimberly Perry said. “And that also works for the contrary.”

In other words, when one Perry isn’t happy, the rest of the Perrys usually aren’t happy either. “There can be fireworks if we’re not being really respectful of each other and sensitive to the pressures on the road anyway,” Kimberly said. “You’re just so tired at the end of the day. So just really trying to be sensitive to that for each other.”

The Band Perry is currently getting lots of sibling bonding time while they spend the winter on tour with Rascal Flatts. They will release their new album on April 2. Watch their latest video, “Better Dig Two,” here.


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