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Tim McGraw & Justin Moore on Getting Valentine’s Day Right

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill photo courtesy of Big Machine Label Group.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for 16 years, which makes for a lot of Valentine’s Days. Tim usually gets the day right but he admits that ‘sometimes are better than others.’

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“It depends on how much time I have or how lazy I’m being,” Tim admitted. “I do pretty well most of the time. Sometimes they’re bigger than others, sometimes they’re just very simple.”

He has one unique gift idea he can go to at any time that he knows Faith will love. “Faith has a rose garden so she loves being around her rose garden and cuttin’ roses and stuff,” Tim said. “So, I’ve been finding these antique vases to get her for several occasions so those have been pretty cool.”

Justin Moore also tries hard when it comes to Valentine’s Day. He’s had his moments when he’s succeeded in coming up with something special for wife Kate but admits she’s the more romantic one.

“She always beats me in the presents,” he said. “She’s a lot better at thinking of the sentimental things. It’s not that I don’t try. I just don’t have the brains she does for that kind of thing.”

Justin hasn’t given up just yet. “I keep trying every year,” he said. Maybe he can dedicate a song to Kate when he kicks off his first headlining tour, the Outlaws Like Me Tour, next month.


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