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Top 10 Country Tweets of the Week

Posted By Sarah Wyland On February 15, 2013 @ 3:02 PM In Country Music News | Comments Disabled


Country music stars sure love Twitter! This week, country stars are at the GRAMMYs [2]! Plus, Tim McGraw [3] sends his luck to men on Valentine’s Day while Lady Antebellum [4] makes their best pun and Kip Moore [5] celebrates “Beer Money” instead of love. And who’s that filming Malibu Country with Reba [6]? Here are our picks for this week’s Top 10 Country Tweets Of The Week [7]:


Little Big Town [8]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/LBTmusic.

Little Big Town [9]LBTMusic [10]: Holy cow we just won a Grammy!!! Thank you Jesus!!! #GrammyAwards [11]

Blake Shelton [12]BlakeShelton: [13] Looking for Carrie Underwoods [14] dressing room… I’m taking that Grammy!!!!

Miranda Lambert [15]MirandaLambert [16]: Tonight I talked to beyonce:), exchanged numbers with @aliciakeys [17] and got stuck to one of my favorite singers ever @kelly_clarkson [18]. Happy!


Dave Grohl [19]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/BradPaisley.

Brad Paisley [20]BradPaisley [21]: Wait! Got it! I’m not that kinda Grohl! Blam.

Tim McGraw – TheTimMcGraw [22]: Happy Valentine’s Day! Big day in my house – full of women!! Good luck fellas!!

Lady Antebellum – LadyAntebellum [23]: Y’all give your Valentine just a kiss today. #sopunny [24]

Kip Moore [25]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/KipMooreMusic.

Kip Moore – KipMooreMusic [26]: So excited to celebrate a 2nd #1 single, “Beer Money” here in Nashville today. Thanks everybody!

Carrie Underwood – CarrieUnderwood [27]: Why do dogs’ paws smell like Fritos? More importantly, why do I love to smell my dogs’ paws? These are a couple of life’s big questions…

Thomas Rhett [28]- ThomasRhett: [29] Is anyone else being forced by their g/f or significant other to watch the bachelor right now? Just curious

Blake Shelton & Reba McEntire [30]

Photo courtesy of Twitter.com/reba.

Reba – Reba [31]: Having fun on the set of @Malibu_Country [32] with @blakeshelton [33]!!!

[34] [34] [34] ShareThis [34]

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