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York County Council OK’s automatic pay raises for council members

York County council members approved giving themselves a 1.5 percent pay raise Monday as part of regular pay raises given to county employees.

The measure came up for discussion last year after council gave county staffers their first raise in three years — and calls from council Chairman Britt Blackwell to remove the automatic increase for the council.

That was reversed Monday as council members said the idea of the automatic increase was to take the politics out of the decision.

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The total increase calls for roughly $1,800 more split between six councilmen and the council chair. Blackwell opposed the plan saying any increase for council is wrong on principle

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Councilman Joe Cox spoke in favor of the automatic increases.

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Blackwell and councilman Curwood Chappell were the lone opponents of the ordinance. Blackwell gave his raise to charity two weeks ago.


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