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Blake Shelton on How to Keep the Girl & What Makes Him Cry

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s 2013 album, Based On A True Story. Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

Blake Shelton recently sat down with Women’s Health to answer five questions. He revealed who his man crush is – CeeLo Green! –  the movies that make him cry, advice on how he keeps the girl and what his sexist quality is.

“I have a hard time understanding what anybody would think is sexy about me,” he told the magazine. “But I guess I don’t take myself seriously and maybe that’s what it is.”

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When it comes to movies, there aren’t many that bring tears to his eyes. There are a few, though. “Movies like City of Angels and Phenomenon are about the only thing I can think of that can make me cry,” he said. “Other than if I have a big fish on the line and it gets off before I get it to the boat. That’s hurtful also.”

Blake has a solid relationship with wife Miranda Lambert. He has plenty of good advice for other men looking to keep the girl. “Stop thinking about yourself,” he said. “Start focusing 100 percent on her, and be a man, for God’s sake— everything that means. Look it up, study it, and be that.”


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