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Brad Paisley Discusses His New Album with Parade

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley photo by Jim Shea courtesy of Schmidt Relations.

Brad Paisley is featured in this Sunday’s PARADE. He discusses his new album, Wheelhouse, out April 9, which contains some of his most controversial songs to date. The track “Accidental Racists” features LL Cool J and sends a message of acceptance while “Those Crazy Christians” is about religion from a nonbeliever’s perspective.

“This is what I would consider a gospel song, the most important one I’ve ever done,” Brad said of the song. “I wrote it shortly after my cousin-in-law passed away in 2011. To play the part of the skeptic is a much more powerful argument to me—in favor of [belief] as well as looking at things that are baffling.”

The material on Wheelhouse is edgier, but Brad isn’t too worried about fan reactions. “Maybe I’m naive, but I give them a lot of credit for having been with me a long time and knowing me really well,” he said. “So it’s not like with one album I’m a whole new guy.”’s REWIND videos this week feature exclusive interviews with Brad who dives into his favorite all-time album and explains how the Grand Ole Opry is like a zoo! Watch it here.


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