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Potholes to run-down buildings: Some say Morningstar Fellowship Church is a ‘bad neighbor’

The controversy surrounding the maintenance of the 21-story former Heritage USA Hotel in Fort Mill continued Monday night.

Eric Kinsinger of Fort Mill addressed York County Council about the extensive amount potholes on Starlight Drive and the dangers they propose to residents.

Kinsinger said, as owners of the property, Morningstar Fellowship Church needs to come up with a solution that will not only improve  the tower, but the safety of residents as well.

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Xavier Tufty of Fort mill said he uses Starlight Drive every morning to take his daughter to school. Tufty said the problem needs be resolved, even if means causes more money coming out of his pocket.

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In a written statement, Morningstar’s Safety Director asked area residents to be patient with the church as they seek financially feasible options to fund the repairs.

Until then, Lee advised residents to use the road at their own risk.

York County Council Chairman Britt Blackwell shunned any notion of the county taking a stand in the road issue, saying if the county were to get involved, they  would be expected to maintain other private properties as well.

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Morningstar’s Fort Mill Campus saw its heyday more than a quarter-century ago as the centerpiece of evangelist Jim Bakker’s Heritage USA theme park.

Morningstar officials said in a written statement Monday that it’s too costly to maintain the road and encouraged private donations to help fund the necessary improvements.

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