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SLED: York County and upstate S.C. starting to get a “taste” for meth

State officials say South Carolina’s upstate is quickly growing into a haven for meth labs — even going so far as to say places like York and Greenville Counties are quickly growing a “taste” for the highly volatile, caustic and deadly drug.

As of Tuesday morning, state and local authorities have shut down 100 meth labs this year.

Max Dorsey of the State Law Enforcement Division told local law enforcement, healthcare and prevention volunteers Tuesday that the number of labs in York County are growing at an alarming rate — because a growing customer base is readily available.

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Part of the problem Dorsey says,  is the easy access to ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine, a common ingredient in cold medicine, which is also an ingredient in methamphetamine.

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Dorsey says the meth labs are not only hazardous for those who operate them but are costly and hazardous to decontaminate

Three of those 100 meth labs were shut down in the last three weeks. Two were in homes in Rock Hill and Fort Mill; a third was a mobile meth lab found in a Target parking lot.

Dorsey says aside the danger associated with a meth lab and the cost of cleaning it up, an increasing number of labs are taking place in homes where children live.

The average cost of cleaning up a meth lab in South Carolina is about $2,500.

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