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Taylor Swift’s Secret to Posing for the Camera

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of

Taylor Swift has been featured on the cover of magazines like Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Glamour and many more. Being in front of the camera so often might make some people insecure, but Taylor has developed a method that keeps her from feeling that way.

“Photo shoots are a place where I feel like I get to be someone else,” she said. “When I feel like I can be someone else, then I completely forget about my insecurities because I just pretend like I’m playing a part.”

By pretending to be someone else, she can get through some of the more awkward poses she sometimes has to strike for the camera. “I would never walk around posing and throwing my shoulders back and staring into the camera like I’m a combination of bored and tired,” she said. “That’s kind of like a thing you do at a lot of fashion photo shoots: you’re just posing and vogueing.”

Taylor is currently on her RED Tour. Watch her latest video for “22” here.


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