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Keith Urban Moved by Commitment of Navy SEALS

Keith Urban

Keith Urban photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Keith Urban penned “For You” for the movie Act of Valor, which was inspired by real-life events and stars a group of active-duty Navy SEALS.  Keith was able to spend time with SEALS featured in the movie and learn about their deep, unique bond.

“They have a mantra, and they say ‘the only easy day was yesterday’ and they have this spirit of brotherhood,” he says. “That’s a particular thing that’s very specific to the Seals,” he said. “Military in general have this very strong brotherhood code.”

Keith saw that commitment firsthand through one of the SEALS featured in the movie. “Lt. Roark, who is the lead guy in the film — when he was interviewed and talked about funerals he had been to, and he says ‘There isn’t really any one of us who isn’t just a little bit jealous of the guy who’s died.’ That’s a particular way of being that I cannot relate to,” Keith said. “That is an unbelievable depth of commitment and conviction.”

Keith will kick off his Light The Fuse Tour in July. He just released “Little Bit of Everything,” the lead single from his upcoming album, to country radio.


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