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Motherhood Is A Dream Come True for Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman & Karen Fairchild

Little Big Town

Little Big Town photo courtesy of Capitol Nashville.

Little Big Town’s Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild are part of one of country’s top bands, but their also proud mamas. Kimberly’s daughter Daisy and Karen’s son Elijah are dreams come true for the two women.

“Being a mother is a life-long dream for me,” Kimberly said. “When I was a kid, that’s what I wanted to be is a mama. It took a long time. I wasn’t ever sure that I would be, but I am now, and it’s the greatest gift of my life.”

“There isn’t anything that means more to me than sitting on the bench and eating a grilled cheese sandwich with this little guy who calls me Mama,” Karen said. “There isn’t anything better than that. He’s just a little miracle. I went from dreaming about him to eating grilled cheese sandwiches and ketchup with him, and I could never have dreamed this up – how good it could be, and it just gets better every day.”

With children of their own, the women are realizing just how hard their own parents worked to provide for them. “I see what my mother gave up and her sacrifices and her love and how she made us the most important thing in her life,” Kimberly said. “That’s what I strive to do for my little girl. It’s the most important job I have, and it’s the most responsibility that I have, and I try to live up to a great example that I had for my mother.”

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