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Taylor Swift “Floored” by Famous Fan

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift photo courtesy of

Taylor Swift has millions of fans all around the world but sometimes, she’ll learn someone she looks up to herself is a fan of her music. She recently learned actress Lena Dunham counts herself among Taylor’s many fans, an idea that blew Taylor’s mind.

“Lena Dunham is this girl who is so incredibly talented,” Taylor said. “She’s a writer, director and actress who stars in this show called Girls on HBO. It’s my friends and I’s favorite show. I’ve always been really blown away by how she’s so young — she’s in her mid-20s – and she does all these things. She creates so much. When I found out that she listens to my music it absolutely floored me. It made my day, honestly.”

Having someone like Lena appreciate her music means a lot to Taylor. “For someone like that to listen to my music — it was a really good day for me,” she said.

Taylor is currently headlining her RED Tour. Watch her latest music video, “22,” here.


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